We raise all natural grass fed and grass fed/grain finished beef.  Reserve your whole steer or half or quarter share now.

Whole - $750 Deposit
Half - $375 Deposit
Quarter - $225 Deposit 


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2019 Harvest Pricing


  • Six Bar Ranch - $3.20  per lb (Hanging Weight).  Whole, Half or ¼ steer.  Grass-Fed, grain finished. This is includes slaughter/harvest fee
  • Payable to Butcher - .95 per lb (Hanging Weight) for cut and wrap fees

Please click  "How to Purchase Beef" for more information .  This will explain in detail the different weights and provide an estimate on how much each quarter costs. 

Important Note about 1/4 Shares:  Custom cuts are not available for 1/4 shares of beef.  When processing quarter shares, our butcher maximizes the quality of cuts in the half side of beef and then equally divides.  This is so both parties who purchase a quarter share get equal cuts and thicknesses.  For example if the half yields 14, one-inch T-bone steaks, each party gets 7 T-bone steaks.   

Our butcher does a fabulous job with 1/4 shares; however if you want custom cuts and thicknesses, you will need to purchase a minimum of a half share.  If you purchase a half or whole, our butcher will contact you directly to go over your custom cuts

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 916-656-3020 or info@sixbarranch.net

How to Purchase Beef



There are 3 weights that customers should understand; Live Weight, Hanging Weight and Cut or Take Home Weight.  Live Weight is referred to as the “weight on the hoof” or the weight of the steer while it’s alive. Angus averages 1100-1300 lbs.

The second weight is Hanging Weight. This is the weight the butcher provides after taking the steer back to the shop. The difference from Live Weight to Hanging Weight is from the loss of blood, head, viscera, lungs, heart, hide and hooves. The loss to hanging weight is roughly 40% to 50% of the live weight. For example, a 1200 lb. steer would have an estimated hanging weight of 720 lbs. This is the weight we base our price per pound on. The butcher will also charge cut/wrap fees based on this weight. 

The final weight is the Cut Weight or Take Home Weight. This is the weight you will bring home from the butcher. This is usually roughly 60% to 65% of the hanging weight. For example, a steer with a hanging weight of 720 lbs. will provide approx. cut weight as follows:

  • Whole Steer – 432 lbs. 
  • Half Steer – 216 lbs. 
  • Quarter Steer – 108 lbs. 

Why is Cut Weight Less Than Hanging Weight?

  • The loss is due to water weight loss during the +/- 14 day “aging” period along with loss during the cutting process
  • The cutting process can vary based on any custom cuts requested and the amount of fat in the meat. 

How Much Should I Budget?

Final prices are determined based on Hanging Weight.  As an Estimate only for a 1200 lb steer, you can expect to pay about $740 per quarter.  This includes everything:  meat, slaughter, and cut and wrap fees. This equals about $6 per lb, average for all cuts,for what sits in your freezer.  We contact our customers within a day or two of slaughter to let them know the hanging weight. 

Why Should I Purchase a Beef Share?

First, you know where your meat comes from and what you are feeding your family  Our steers graze open, pesticide-free pastures; they are NOT raised in feedlots.  The quality of meat is superior to what you can purchase at your local grocery store.  Purchasing a beef share is an upfront investment; However, the average cost per pound is still less than what you would pay at the grocery store.  You will definitely notice the difference in your weekly/monthly shopping costs.