Splish Splash!

Our ducks LOVE their pools!  

Riding Lessons

Check out video clips of our lesson families. 


Our Ducklings getting some outside time! They spent the nights in the barn until they were big enough to move outside permanently. 

Dust Bath

Dust Bathing not only helps keep our flock smelling fresh, it is also a natural way to prevent mites.  We add Diatomaceous Earth to our dust bath areas as an additional barrier to mites and other critters.  We do not use pesticide dust. 

Rise and Shine

One of our pasture walk-in coops.  These are equipped with automatic sunrise/sunset doors to protect them from nighttime predators, solar fans and  solar lights. 

It's a Beautiful Mornin'

Everybody is full of energy as the sun comes up. 

Hang on Ladies....

This is our Rooster, Midnight.  He " flew his coop"  in search of the ladies.  He is a great protector of our young non-laying hens.  He even took on a young hawk and lived to crow about it.